ESR Filing Services in Dubai, UAE


Avyanco conducts the preliminary tests to ensure if your business is applicable for ESR filing and fulfils the responsibilities as required in timely manner.

Complete Compliance


Impact Assessment

We assess and ensure the all activities are within the scope of the revised economic substance rules and if any exemptions are implied. At Avyanco, we help businesses to understand the impact and aptly notify the Regulatory Authorities to be in accordance to the updated economic substance requirements.


This financial compliances in the UAE requires businesses to file and report submission annually. At Avyanco we help businesses prepare and submit these annual notifications and economic substance report to the Regulatory Authorities.

Analysing & Planning

Avyanco analyses, advices and accordingly plans the documentation process of the Relevant Activities are being “directed and managed” from the UAE through board meeting minutes and other record keeping. We have worked with several businesses from Banking to Insurance, Investment, Fund Management, Lease-Finance, Corporate Headquarters, Shipping, Holding Enterprises, Intellectual Property Distribution among others.

Why Choose AvyancoFOR ESR Filing Services

Avyanco is one of the best service providers in the UAE for ESR compliance, reporting, and filing. We help business to be ESR compliant by analysing and assessing the business activities under the new regulations. We also offer support with the always updating laws of the UAE regulatory landscape.
What we offer?
We check whether the business activities you conduct fall in the list or subset of relevant activities to file ESR.
We also ensure that if your organisation qualifies for the Economic Substance Test.
We help you through the process of online ESR filing and take care of every parameter involved.
Once filing is done, we also support you with reports as businesses need to finalize and submit the UAE ESR report to the authority annually.
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