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Avyanco is the leading, trusted, and most reputed UAE company formation agent located centrally in the UK that helps individuals start a business in Dubai as a foreigner. We actively support investors with company registration in Dubai and across the country. We take pride in saying that our customers are highly satisfied with our plethora of top-notch services in the various jurisdiction in the region.

  • UAE Mainland
  • UAE Freezone
  • UAE Offshores

The UAE Government has left no stone unturned on reassuring the foreign investor to capitalize or have a business setup in this economically abundant market. Also called an ‘onshore’ company, a mainland company is allowed to operate business activities both in the local market as well as externally across the UAE without any limitations. The license for company registration in UAE mainland can be obtained by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

UAE’s agenda is to have least dependency on the oil market and intense form of diversification within the economy. This is why starting a business in UAE mainland offers multiple opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. While, free zone business setups restrain businesses on various grounds a business setup in UAE Mainland offers possibilities of expansion and growth. However, documentation and approvals along with business licensing needs to be taken into consideration.

Dubai mainland in particular has lot of trading benefits and exclusive advantages of business setup unlike any other jurisdiction in the UAE.

Business setup UAE free zones are opted because they provide 100% ownership. UAE Free zone provide profitable business setup options and tax exemptions. Talk to our advisory on company formation in the UAE freezones and understand if a free zone business setup suits your business activity as some free zones also have limitation. It is considered an important economic zone considered mainly by startups in Dubai.

Freezones are highly favourable among foreign investors because of its ultimate benefits include:

  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • Exemption of taxes including customs duty, income tax, corporate tax and more.
  • Custom privileges.

Offshore company registration in UAE has no-tax jurisdiction law and is ideal for wealth management. Also, there are various other reasons why commercial entities prefer offshore company incorporation in UAE. Such as offshore company setups provide complete confidentiality and offer business opportunities without any disruption. Moreover, offshore company setups in UAE have the plan of eradicating diverse types of tax payments such as property sales, capital additions, value-added tax (VAT), profits on business earnings, death duty, etc.

Also known as ‘non-resident company’, most businesses prefer to establish offshore companies in Dubai. Establishing an offshore company will make you able to conduct the international business along with other benefits including:

  • Stable economy.
  • Elite infrastructure.
  • The anonymity of business.
  • Provides confidentiality.
  • High-level safety measures.

Steps to Register a Company in Dubai

Although the process of company registration in Dubai is easy. However, if you don’t know about the country’s corporate rules, laws and legislations, the process might become a challenge ultimately. Avyanco aims to remain with you throughout the entire process from obtaining a visa to initial planning to acquire a license and the successful inauguration of your business.

Start your company in dubai
Step 1: Choose the Name of the Company

The very first and foremost thing that would be in your mind when incorporating a business in Dubai is to choose the company’s name and make it your trade name. Your company’s trade name must be simple, memorable and unique and according to the corporate rules and regulations of the Department of Economic Department (DED) and must be approved by DED.

Step 2: Choose the Business Activity

If you wish to have a full-fledged office, we guide your which locations would be best suited for your business as well as help you get the perfect office space.

Step 3: Select the Office Location

If you want your business to remain sustainable, prosperous and successful then it is essential to select an appropriate location as well as make a tenancy contract in Dubai. For company incorporation, you will also need to choose a virtual office depending upon your business activity.

Step 4: Preparation of The MOA

The second last step is to prepare a memorandum of association (MOA) to incorporate a company in Dubai.

Step 5: Final Submission

For a successful company formation in Dubai, you will be required to submit MOA, tenancy contract license application and other essential documents for final submission depending upon your business nature and activity. Team Avyanco is the go-to business setup consultancy you can trust for any of your business setup needs.

Types of Companies to Setup Your Business in Dubai

Registering a company in Dubai comes with various benefits. And of the major reasons why investors often opt to set up their businesses in Dubai is due to the possibility of opening various types of companies including LLCs, civil companies, sole proprietorships and more. Establish any type of business and earn greater revenues ultimately.


Being an entrepreneur, you may establish your branch or representative office in Dubai mainland as well as most of the free zones in the emirates. Both representative and branch offices serve almost similar requirements and procedures, however, they might serve their parent companies differently.


Do you want to trade in Dubai as well as across the UAE? Then an LLC company is a right choice for you. Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of the most common types of companies in Dubai that typically operates on the mainland with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders.

Civil Company

Fully owned by investors a civil company is a right choice for aspiring candidates who want to enter into the fields like lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants and more. Anyone with the help of the trusted business setup advisory can head into the industry to maximize wealth and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Sole proprietorship

You may want to establish a business that is fully owned by you in Dubai. A sole proprietorship is a business owned by a single individual who enjoys all the profits and revenues. Get in touch with a credible business consultancy for a successful company formation in Dubai.

Types of Business licenses

Anyone can set up and operate their business in Dubai. However, to make the company a legal entity certified to do business is essential for which every business owner has to obtain a license from the concerned authority the Department of Economic Development (DED).


Do you have certain skills and talent and want to engage in the respected profession? A professional license is the requirement to enter into the industry of your choice. With a professional license, you can enjoy 100% ownership of your business in Dubai.


If you want to set up a business that revolves around commercial trade activities – commodities, goods and services, a commercial license is what you will have to obtain from the DED. You must decide upon certain activities before applying for a commercial license in Dubai.


Are you interested in incorporating a business into the tourism industry? whether it is about tourist camps, hotel renting, cruise boat rental, guest houses, restaurants or more, you must acquire a tourism license in Dubai for the successful incorporation of your business.


If you want to conduct a manufacturing or an industrial business activity in Dubai, you need to acquire an industrial license. After obtaining an industrial license you can start manufacturing anything ranging from paper to textile to food to metals and more.

Company Registration Costs in Dubai

The minimum share capital for registering a company in Dubai may range from (£ 1000 to £ 10 0000). However, it depends on the type, size, industry and the nature of your business.

Benefits of Registering a Business in Dubai

Opening up a business in Dubai comes with countless benefits including 100% business ownership for foreigners and more. Here are a few benefits you will enjoy establishing a business in Dubai:

Simple, effective and easy company formation process.
Elite class infrastructure and proximity to seaports and airports.
Easily available, relatively cheaper and competent labour and staff.
Complete repatriation of capital and profits for any type of business.
No need for a local sponsor with a professional license in the free zone and the mainland.
Foreign ownership of your business for the free zone, mainland and offshore companies.
Top-notch commercial and residential structures with state of the art telecommunication.100%

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Avyanco is the leading business setup consultancy working across UAE to help investors streamline the whole process. We aim to ease the company formation in Dubai for foreign investors helping them obtain a visa, manage documentation, acquire a license and ensure the successful incorporation of the business.
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Business setupFAQ

What is the minimum capital to form an LLC company in Dubai?

The average company registration in Dubai cost, particularly for LLC company in Dubai is £ 5,487.04 Pound (AED 24638). However, the cost may vary depending upon different factors including business type, size, industry and more.

Can a foreign national get 100% ownership of a business in Dubai?

Investors across the globe can successfully establish their businesses in Dubai, UAE with 100% business ownership.

How much time is required to register a company in Dubai?

A Minimum of 2 to 5 days are enough to establish a company in Dubai.

Can a company registered in Dubai operate in the other UAE Emirates?

No. To operate in other emirates you have to open a branch.

How many Visas can I apply for when starting a company in Dubai

You can obtain a maximum of three visas when starting a company in Dubai.