Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Services Dubai


Avyanco ensures AML Compliance in UAE. We provide Anti-Money Laundering Consulting Services in UAE along with additional complimenting services such as KYC, Screening, Risk Profiling, AML Policy Documentation, AML Software Selection, etc.

Complete Compliance


Dedicated AML Compliance Officer

At Avyanco enjoy dedicated AML compliance officer to assist you through all your business operations and advice suitable competencies. With years of adequate experience, our AML compliance officers are responsible and perform tasks in connection to the provisions of AML/ CFT Legislation and cater to the entire AML process in UAE.

Ensure Due Diligence

To ensure AML due diligence we follow standard process of verifying the customer identity in a timely manner from the start of the business. We do not interrupt the natural course of business while implementing our AML consulting services in Dubai. Moreover, we appropriately measure and manage the menaces associated with money laundering. Due diligence is crucial when creating a new business relationship or making business transaction exceeding the stipulated amount.

Automated Reporting Systems

DNFBPs must act upon Cabinet Decision No. (74) of 2020 that regulates terrorism lists and Implements the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions on battling terrorism financing & proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and other related resolutions. Because of which such entities must register in the automatic reporting system for sanctions lists in order to obtain automatically-updated lists of targeted financial sanctions from the United Nations Security Council consolidated sanctions lists and domestic terrorism lists. Leverage these options and understand better with Avyanco.

Why Choose AvyancoFor AML Consulting Services in Dubai

Avyanco is one of the best AML consulting firms in Dubai offering phenomenal help to businessmen across the UAE, especially whose operations are subject to the implementation of Anti Money Laundering programs. With wide-ranging information and varied experience, our CA’s, legal experts and industry consultants are proficient and comprehend the risks. They also deliver a proper plan and explain the policies involved to companies and financial businesses that are finding it difficult to comply with the UAE AML and CFT law.
What we offer?
We ascertain that your business complies with the local and international regulation with regards to AML. Some of the regulation hinder business growth! Hence, managing a fledged business along with safeguarding that AML compliance can be hard. But with Avyanco you are surely sorted, as we can guarantee the following:
  • Business Compliance
  • Assessment Tools
  • Detailed Controls Design
  • Review AML Policy
  • Plan AML/ KYC/ CFT
  • AML Auditing
  • AML Reporting
  • Ensure Due diligence
  • Create Frameworks
  • Implement Process
  • Corporate Training
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