Auditing Services in Dubai, UAE


Avyanco offers audit and assurance services in Dubai to make a business go back on track helping the management to eliminate financial complexities and explore growth opportunities. We make the audit and assurance processes simple, smooth and effective.

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Auditing Services

Avyanco provides auditing services to all small to medium startups so that stakeholders can have a fair and true view of their financial position and business as a whole. We help determine whether the books of accounts are up to date, accurate and according to the international accounting standards or not. As an auditing firm in Dubai, we help SMEs to detect financial errors, wrong entries and misrepresented records of financial data in their book of accounts. Our auditors help enterprises to identify possible and promising growth opportunities, get in order their finances and accounts and make informed decisions along with assisting them in keeping their company compliant with the local and international auditing and accounting standards.

Assurance Services

Avyanco’s Assurance services refer to an independent examination of a business's financial transactions, records, processes and controls. The process aims to eliminate information risk by enhancing the quality or context of the information to help entrepreneurs make informed decisions. Since Dubai is a highly competitive corporate environment, companies we focus more on growing your business. Our assurance services in Dubai helps SMEs and large businesses to focus on their core goals as we handle your financial management and processes.

Why Choose AvyancoFor Audit & Assurance Services

Avyanco’s audit and assurance are not just about the numbers. It is the systematic examination of financial processes within a company. We aim at meeting a business’s expectations begin with the completeness, accuracy, and fair presentation of information in your financial statements and disclosures. At Avyanco, we deliver high-quality services to help businesses enjoy utmost growth. We also provide a plethora of services related to auditing and assurance in Dubai and across the UAE.
What We Offer:

– Financial Advice.
– Experienced Team.
– Save your Tax Liability.
– Quick and trusted support.
– Your personal accountant.
– Customer tailored solutions.

Here’s How Our Process Follows:

– Planning
– Notification
– Opening Meeting
– Fieldwork
– Report Drafting
– Management Response
– Closing Meeting
– Final Audit Report Distribution
– Follow-up

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Auditing Services in Dubai, UAE

Audit & Assurance ServicesFAQ

What are the different types of audits in Dubai?

Increased intricacies in business environments require a vigorous understanding of its financial systems to ensure efficiency and profitability. An audit firm in Dubai is one of the ways to accomplish this task and meet business goals efficiently. Expert and experienced auditors believe that audit isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach as to what type of audit to conduct varies as per the business model, requirements and regulations introduced by the governments.

Below mentioned are a few essential types of audits that auditors typically provide to businesses operating in the UAE.

  • Forensic Audit.
  • Compliance Audit.
  • Operational Audit.
  • Risk Management.
  • Investigation Audit.
  • Fraud Investigation.
  • Due Diligence Audit.
  • Financial Control Audit.
  • Statutory compliance services.
  • Inventory and stock audit services.
  • Revenue audit/sales report services.
  • Internal and external audit and statutory audit services.
what is the difference between audit and assurance?

Audit and assurance services in Dubai are practices used for the assessment of the financial record of a business. These processes are carried out yearly. Audit and assurance are hand-in-hand processes of determining and verifying the financial records available in the business’s accounting record. These are performed keeping in view the international industry standards to ensure the effectiveness of work.

However, there is little difference between auditing and assurance services in accordance with the nature of work deliveries. The audit is the process to check, evaluate and maintain all the financial records of a business. It is conducted to analyze the accuracy of the financial reports within a business. An assurance on the other hand is the process of analyzing and measuring the appropriateness of the financial records as per international accounting principles, and standards and following its compliance.

What are the benefits of Financial Audit?

An audit not only helps companies detect fraud, financial faults, and misrepresented transactions in their financial system but helps companies comply with the state laws as well.

Here are a few of the ultimate advantages of getting your business audit done annually.

  • Assists in the goodwill of the company.
  • Helps maintain compliance for the business.
  • Timely renewal of your business and trade license.
  • Assures accuracy and authenticity of the information.
  • Better accuracy and transparency in the financial statements.
  • Forecast the budgets, make financial strategies and initiate the growth plans.
  • Evaluate the business’s cash flows and implement effective internal control procedures.
  • Helps comply with taxation and other regulation also at the time of company liquidation.
  • Professional assistance while taking informed decisions as well as identifying growth opportunities.
Other than the requirement for license renewal where an audit report is a mandate, are there any real benefits to hiring an auditor?

Auditing is the independent examination of the financial records and books of accounts and expressing an opinion on the same. The importance of an audit cannot be understated. You are getting yourself a team of professionals who have gained extensive knowledge about all kinds of business entities and how they function and hence can easily identify the shortcomings if any, in your business or how you operate. Being updated on accounting standards around the world, we are in a position to advise and incorporate said requirements and changes into your system to ensure transparency while comparing to international standards. An independent audit also reduces the scope of fraud risk elements in your business.

What is the major difference between auditing services and assurance services?

The audit is a procedure of closely monitoring the accounting information provided in a company and financial statements. Assurance, on the other hand, involves assessing and analyzing different operations, processes, and procedures.

Are all audits having assurance, why?

There are a few different types of audits but, in the specific context of professional services, an audit is usually financial. It is intended to provide reasonable assurance (high level of assurance), but not absolute assurance, that the financial statements give a true and fair view in accordance with the financial reporting framework.

What are the 4 types of audit reports?
  • Unqualified Opinion i.e., clean report.
  • Qualified Opinion
  • Disclaimer of opinion
  • Adverse opinion
What are the 3 components of audit risk and how can we reduce it?
  • Control risk, Inherent risk, and Detection risk.
  • Proper audit planning before execution, properly allocating staff based on their skills and experience, establishing monitoring of audit work.
  • Maintaining professionalism throughout audit work.