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UAE is the perfect place for UK and British Residents to form an offshore company. Offshore company formation in Dubai made effortless, quick and reliable with Avyanco. We combine robust technology with decades of experience to provide the best and most effective offshore business setup solutions.

OFFSHORE FOR UK CITIZENSEasy Offshore Company Formation in Dubai


Complete tax exemption, no currency regulations, no import or export taxes, income taxes, corporation taxes, or even personal taxes.


With 100% returns from capital and earnings repatriation, offshore company formation in Dubai also offers the advantage of 100% foreign ownership.


Investors benefit from professional anonymity and financial confidentiality. Moreover, international transactions are made hassle-free with offshore business establishments.


Wondering how much does it cost to set up an offshore company? Minimal capital requirement and flexibility on having an office, offshore companies are most cost-effective!

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Offshore Company Formation Packages

With Avyanco, you’re secured from having second and confused thoughts which might result in ultimate failures. Whether you’re a local or foreigner, team Avyanco will handle every incorporation step for you. Be confident enough to take the first step of an offshore company setup in Dubai.
Avyanco will offer you the best and most economical offshore company setup packages that are specifically tailored to your business’s needs. You can choose any package that is aligned with your budget. Once you have chosen your package, we will fully assist you with smooth offshore company formation in UAE.
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  • Business License
  • Register Agent Fees
  • Registered Address
RAK Offshore
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  • Business License
  • Register Agent Fees
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AJMAN Offshore
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  • Business License
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Features Of Having an Offshore Company Formation in Dubai:

Multinational Shareholders:

Offshore company setup in the UAE can have a non-UAE, UAE, or corporate citizen as the shareholder.

International Banking

Incorporating an offshore company allows international banks to make deposits in UAE bank accounts.

No Need Be to Physically Present

Also, there is no obligation for the shareholder/director to be available in the UAE during the time of offshore company incorporation.

No Need of UAE Residency

Likewise, offshore company formation in Dubai does not require shareholder to attain a UAE residency visa.

Can Act As A Holding Company

Offshore business in the region can benefit by acting as a holding company. Meaning although they do not engage in any trading activities but can hold shares or assets of other subsidiary companies.

LocationsOffshore Jurisdictions

RAK Offshore

RAK Offshore

Sharjah Offshore

Sharjah Offshore

Ajman Offshore

Ajman Offshore

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UAE OffshoreFAQ

What is an Offshore Company in UAE?

With the rise of offshore company setup in UAE, the country has become a global economic hub for investors across the world. An offshore company conducts its business processes outside of the original location of the registration. Investors might open offshore companies in Dubai for multiple reasons like to save taxes, generating higher revenues, and a 100% return on investment.

Avyanco is the reputed business formation advisory working across UAE to help foreign investors open their businesses effortlessly. Offshore company setup becomes easy when your hire experienced business consultants. Book a free consultation with team Avyanco for a successful offshore company setup in Dubai.

What are the Benefits of Offshore Company Formation in Dubai?

The benefits are endless when you open an offshore company in Dubai. These jurisdictions do not impose corporate or income taxes on the company owner. Rather, offshore companies are considered beneficial since they allow 100% foreign ownership to the investors. In addition to that, businesses are allowed to open multi-currency accounts in the UAE and conduct worldwide commerce.

Ajman Free Zone (AFZA), Jebel All Free Zone (JAFZA), and Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) are the three tax-free jurisdictions in the UAE. Investors may choose among these jurisdictions for offshore company setup in UAE. Each jurisdiction comes with different benefits, characteristics, legal rules and criteria.

    • Complete tax exemption.
    • No import or export taxes.
    • Increased potential for corporate growth.
    • No income taxes, corporation taxes, or personal taxes.
    • There are no currency regulations in offshore jurisdictions.
    • Offshore businesses offer the advantage of 100% foreign ownership.
    • Investors gain 100% returns from capital and earnings repatriation.
    • Investors can benefit from professional anonymity and financial confidentiality.
    • International transactions are made hassle-free with offshore business establishments.
    • The minimal capital requirement is not required for an offshore business formation in UAE.
    • An actual office is not necessary. Investors can avoid paying the costs associated with opening an office.
When to Choose Offshore Company formation in the UAE?

Offshore company setup is fairly easy in UAE since the government has actively been introducing corporate-friendly policies. However, there are some requirements for offshore company registration in Dubai that every investor must adhere to.

You can get your company licence in just a few days by diligently following the regulations that have been set forth. An offshore business in Dubai will conduct full-fledged services. Foreign investors are drawn to Dubai to start offshore companies due to various factors including:

  • Asset protection.
  • Tax Optimisation.
  • Corporate account.
  • Low Capital Requirements.
  • Renowned offshore locations.
  • Confidentiality and anonymity.
  • Highest level of security and privacy.
  • Legal protection through incorporation offshore.
How to setup an offshore company in the UAE? And what type of document are required?

To setup an offshore company in Dubai, UAE investors will have to submit the required documents to the concerned authority. Following are the documentation that you will need to provide to the DED.

For corporate shareholders:

  • Board resolution.
  • Hierarchy of beneficiaries.
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA).
  • Parent company certificate highlighting the name of owner/investor or shareholders/directors.

For individual shareholders:

  • Proof of residency.
  • The hierarchy of beneficiaries.
  • Details of the owner/shareholder.
  • Original bank reference document.
  • Activities that offshore businesses will conduct.
  • Selected name of the business to be established.
  • Attested passport copy of the investor or owner of the company.