Nominee Services in Dubai


Avyanco offers befittingly and competent personnel to fulfil corporate roles as nominees for your business in the UAE. Find the prefect representation with Avyanco! We offer nominee service for LLCs or corporations of all kinds.

Reliable & Trustworthy NOMINEE SERVICES IN DUBAI

Registration & Licensing

With Avyanco’s nominee services you can appoint nominees to cater your business registration and licensing requirements. Whether it is getting a trade license, performing the application process or obtaining some special approvals. We find the perfect nominees with verifiable relevant education and work experience for you!

Prove Economic Substances

Appoint a nominee director and nominal staff to prove economic substance with Avyanco. We help you find senior management to prove that the businesses are actually managed from within the territory of the Emirates. We also ensure that they are UAE residents and to proves the rationale for the economic substance of the company.

Added Functions & Tasks

With our nominee shareholder services you can keep beneficiaries’ information, and their interest in a business, confidential, and to hold non-affiliated entities. From submitting documents to trading partners, increasing the shareholding of the nominee shareholders or making a CFC declaration – through nominee services theses function and tasks can be performed!

Why Choose Avyanco’sNominee Services in Dubai

Avyanco offers a range of nominee services in the UAE for companies. Our nominee services include appointing of nominee director, company secretarial services, managers and nominee shareholders. With our nominee service companies have the option to appoint the official persons representing the company. The nominee service is very beneficial for the entrepreneurs who are non-resident in the UAE and want to register a private company.
With Our UAE Nominee Services, you can:
  • Appoint nominee directors that safeguard your interest as the company owner.
  • With our nominee services in Dubai, you can always have a representation in the UAE.
  • Nominee services enable you to have a dedicated representative to sign documents.
  • As UAE residents are appointed nominees, government bodies ask for lesser documentations.
  • Opening a bank account becomes easier and swift.
Nominee Services

Nominee Services in Dubai, UAEFAQ

When do you need Nominee services in Dubai?

If you as the owner of the company cannot travel to UAE and the business activities requires a personal presence. The you can appoint a nominee director for signing documents and other important agreements. Other reasons, you may need nominee services include meeting local partner, ensure anonymity from non-governmental entities and to facilitate the transfer of assets.

Are Nominees bound to use bank credentials?

Nominees are not bound to use their credentials to open a bank account for the entity.

Are Nominees liable for any choices by the company owner?

No, nominees are not responsible for the acts or choices done by the entity’s management.